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CD Band: Jaya the Cat Albumtitel: O’Farrell Erscheinungsjahr: 1999 Label: Bomber Music ltd. / Ring of Fire Records Songs: 01. This Town 02. Forward 03. Untitled 04. Shit Jobs For Rock 05. Pass Out 06. New Millenium 07. Cultifornia 08. Night Nurse 09. Sirens Wail 10. Street Life 11. Microphone Burglar 12. Walking The Cow […]

CD JAYA THE CAT Basement Style

CD Band: Jaya the Cat Albumtitel: Basement Style (Re-Release) Erscheinungsjahr: 2017 Songs: 01. Intro 02. Are You With Me? 03. The Bottle And The Cross 04. Shit Jobs For Rock 05. The Wilderness 06. State Of Emergency 07. Forward 08. Cultifornia 09. Borrowed Time 10. Painful Memory 11. Convenience Store 12. God And State 13. […]

CD JAYA THE CAT A Good Day For The Damned

CD Band: Jaya the Cat Albumtitel: A Good Day For The Damned Erscheinungsjahr: 2017 Label: Bomber Music ltd. / Destiny Records Songs: 01. Wine Stained Futon 02. A Rough Guide to the Future 03. Sweet Eurotrash 04. Black Heart 05. Huddersfield Rain 06. Just Leave Me There 07. Wreckage 08. Amsterdam 09. The Palmreader’s Face […]

LONG BEACH DUB ALLSTARS returning to europe & are bringing new merch

LONG BEACH DUB ALLSTARS (ex-Sublime) & NEW TOWN KINGS & special guest JAYA THE CAT (** on selected shows) NEW MERCH WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR ALL BANDS SOON!!!!! SHOWS: 29.03.2019 Köln (DE) Live Music Hall 30.03.2019 Lindau (DE) Club Vaudeville 31.03.2019 Wien (AT) Arena 01.04.2019 Ljubljana (SI) Gala Hala 02.04.2019 München (DE) Feierwerk […]

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