CD THE PHENOMENAUTS Escape Velocity (USA Pressung)

CD THE PHENOMENAUTS Escape Velocity (USA Pressung)[CD-0017]

Band: The Phenomenauts
Album Titel: Escape Velocity (USA Pressung)
Erscheinungsjahr: 2014
Label: Silver Sprocket

01. I Don't Care Whether Earth is the Best (I Love It Anyway)
02. Infinity +1
03. One in Seven Billion Girl
04. GI581-5 (Feat. David Hillyard)
05. It's Only Chemical
06. Theme For Oakland (Feat. The Bay Area Cadet Chorus)
07. Rocket Soul 02:30 08. When Greed Nearly Destroyed The World (Feat. Kepi Ghoulie)
09. Broken Robot Jerk
10. Dear God
11. 10,000 Light Years
12. Just One Earth (Feat. Judgement Day)

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